Cyber risks
Cyber risks and digital law

With the emergence of new threats to the security of computer systems, HMN & Partners has developed its reputation as experts in cyber risks and innovative technology law for insurers and companies.

The team of specialist and reactive lawyers assists its clients in the strategic management of litigation and claims, together with recognized technical experts in a field that is constantly evolving. In addition, HMN & Partners advises and assists clients in developing their projects and drafting insurance policies and contracts relating to technologies.

Cyber risks







Advice, audit and drafting of insurance policies relating to cyber risks

Advice on cover of cyber risks

Negotiation of agreements for handling of cyber attacks

Management of portfolios of matters relating to cyber incidents

Advice and litigation relating to information and communications technologies

Legal assistance for matters relating to regulation of personal data
Professional civil liability for persons working in computer technology

Legal monitoring and advice on artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, IoT (connected objects, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, etc.)