Aviation and space

HMN • Partners has developed a recognized competence in aeronautics and aerospace law.

Highly specialized, dynamic and passionate, this legal team provides its clients (aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, air navigation organisms/agencies, airport services, travel agencies, owners of business airplanes, etc.) with experience and expertise corresponding to their needs, with an efficient and personalized service.

Assistance and representation in pre-litigation procedures, litigation and arbitration: technical investigation and expert appraisal, criminal investigations, defence in civil and criminal trials, arbitration and settlement negotiations

Advice on risk management for companies in the aeronautical industry

Advice on commercial law for companies in the aeronautical industry: assistance with contractual negotiations, relations with trading partners, relations with airport and civil aviation authorities in France and abroad, drafting of contracts

Negotiation, drafting and analysis of contracts of manufacturing and launch of satellites

Organization of seminars and training programmes on Aviation Safety, risks in space, prevention of risks, arbitration, and administrative, civil and criminal proceedings