Aviation and Space law

HMN & Partners has a market leading aviation practice thanks to its experience and deep understanding of the business of its clients. The firm provides its clients with well established “know how” in the aviation and space areas.


  • Aircraft accidents work: involvement in expertise proceedings and in criminal investigation, preparation of trials and representation in civil and criminal trials, settlement negotiations. Recent matter highlights include:
    • Airbus A320 Air Inter flight on the Mont Sainte Odile, France, in January 1992,
    • Concorde accident in France in July 2000,
    • American Airlines flight 587 in Queens New York in November 2001,
    • Flash Airlines flight 604 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, in January 2004,
    • AF447 Rio-Paris flight on 1st June 2009.
  • Expertise in Risk Management and Safety issues in the aeronautical industry. In particular, HMN & Partners provides assistance to the manufacturers to develop and implement Product Integrity Program.
  • Advice in commercial matters, including:
    • Drafting of contracts,
    • Legal assistance in the pre-contractual negotiation and throughout the enforcement of the contract,
    • Advises on all types of legal issues encountered by the client with its trading partners,
    • Assistance with applications to administrative authorities in France and abroad,
    • Commercial litigation.
  • Advises airline companies and travel agencies on tourism regulations (domestic, EC and international).
  • Seminars and training on Aviation Safety and advice on administrative, civil and criminal proceedings following an aircraft accident.



  • Negotiation, drafting and review of satellite manufacturing and launch.
  • Handling arbitral and lawsuit claims based on failure of the launch vehicle or in-orbit failure of satellites.
  • The firm HMN & Partners is particularly involved in the records relating to:
      • the failure of Flight 157 of Ariane V in December 2002, 
      • the unexpected drop in energy production capacity of the Galaxy XI and XM ROLL satellites,
      • the failure of satellites belonging to European, African and Asian operators.